How I Changed My Reading Essay

1197 Words Nov 25th, 2015 5 Pages
When I was younger, I first started reading and I didn’t like it because when I would it would be in class and I never liked the things we read. The stories we read were boring and I couldn’t ever relate to them because I never had that stuff happen to me. Ever Since then I 've always slacked off on reading and never did it and never payed attention. Doing this caused me to become a bad reader and have a low reading level I wish I would’ve read more to get into it and excel in English class but I did what I did and there’s no going back.
I love sports and if we read about things like football or basketball. I would love to read because I 'm interested in those things but if I 'm not interested I don’t believe the need to read and I just refuse to read which puts me back. I’m hoping that sooner or later I can become a better reader and be successful in life by making my reading level better.
I like to read about the human body because i’d like to become a physical therapist when I get older because the human body is so fascinating and the way the muscles work. The way the body reacts when it’s hurt or in pain. I really like the process of getting better and helping the body improve. Another thing is the body is so fragile and need a lot of help to keep it intact and has so many things going on at once. I wonder what it’s like to not be able to read because without reading no one can know anything because reading is everything in the world. Everyone reads their texts or…

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