How I Changed My Life Essay

1407 Words Dec 1st, 2016 6 Pages
Everyone’s journey in life is different so to speak; we each pick different paths based on decisions that we make. When I reflect and think about myself I realized that I have come a long way in my short 22 years of life for someone whose life has not changed extremely drastically in any sense. For the very first half of my life, everything was very steady. That was until I went into high school where my life changed in many different ways because I decided to go through different paths that I would never have expected to turn on to. Through self-reflection now I am almost glad that they occurred despite the difficulties that came along with it.
While I was growing up my parents worked very long hours for about 6 days out of the week and they actually still do. So since my parents were almost always working it allowed my grandma played a large role in my life for more than 16 years; she had raised me since I was very young. There is this picture specifically that captures my relationship with her. It is a polaroid of me sitting on the same couch that we have had for decades with my grandmother. I am smiling and partially laughing despite the fact that I am sporting a hybrid of a bowl cut and mullet (1). My childhood was very innocent, my grandma was my best friend during this stage in my life. As I got older and went into high school, my relationship grew very distant with my grandma. She still lived with me but I did not know how to maintain any relationship during my…

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