How I Changed My Life Essay

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June 18 2014 changed my life forever. I was playing soccer and there was less than five minutes left in the game. My one leg planted as I pivoted around a defender. I heard a crack and I went down. That one moment changed everything that I thought I knew my life was.

I had played soccer since I was three. I loved it, everything about the game was fun. I had played all the positions over the years, but forward was definitely my favourite. I especially loved playing forward in the outdoor seasons because I loved to run the big field. That season I was on a soccer team that didn 't have a goalie, so I stepped into that position and I was doing well at it. At the time of my injury my team was six and one. I still wanted to play forward, so my coach was letting me play for higher teams as a call up. That weekend I had already played goal for my team on Friday and helped another team on Saturday when I was asked to play for the Leopards on the Sunday. It was a lot of soccer, but I jumped at the chance. It was raining, which was always more challenging, as the ground was slick and it was hard to stay on your feet. The only time games were called was if there was lightning, but that day there was just a lot of rain. We were in the second half with about five minutes left I was running down the right side of the field with the ball. None of my team was up with me, so I knew I was going to be taking a shot. A defender came towards me, I went to pivot around her and my left leg…

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