How I Changed My Life Essay

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People all around the world go through various experiences in their lives. Every situation can affect a person in any type of way. The resulting effect does not always have to be bad sometimes is a combination or both good and bad. Many aspects of my life have influenced my personality and how I live my life. Getting bullied in middle school has affected my life intensely, however, managed to make me stand for myself, a stronger person, and not scared of what anyone says about me.
Beginning of 6th grade was when my torture started. I would walk down the hallway with my friends when suddenly I would hear a group of people whispering my name and laughing. I was lucky by not getting bullied physically, but being verbally bullied had the same effect. There wasn’t a day where I wouldn’t hear people talking about me, making fun of how I would dress, and inventing things that were not true. There were times when I wouldn’t want to go to school because I already knew what my day would be like. I would lie to my mom in order to stay home and not go to school.
The second year of middle school started and everything was still the same. I never had the courage to tell anyone my situation, so I was still attending the same school. In addition, as time passed by bullying kept getting worse. At this point, people were using the internet to post mean things about me and everyone from school would find out. Some didn’t have to courage to say things in person but used a screen to make me…

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