How I Changed My Life Essay

1450 Words Sep 25th, 2015 6 Pages
So the one thing in my life that i can truly say was life changing for me was meeting one person in particular this person who we will refer to only as person from now on was a huge part of my life for a long time not only being the only person that i felt i could really talk to and communicate my feelings with this person was the one and only person that i ever felt comfortable around sitting talking or just sitting around and being stupid this was the only person that i could really be around and truly be myself. This person was important to me and life changing to me because this person taught me to be open in a time in my life when it was really hard for me to be open and i didn’t really know how to make many friend i can tell you this was a long time ago when i was still just a young boy and was before i moved to roseville. I would see this person everyday and our conversations would always bring a smile to my face whether we talked about what we did yesterday or something more personal and heavy. Meeting this person was the most important life changing thing that has happened to me that i can really remember.

This person taught me to be open and to be myself no matter what or who judged me and i remember thinking almost everyday that i would wait and wait for the one moment when i would find this person and talk to this person for as long as i could possibly do so. I remember talking to this person i would always smile and everything bad that had happened that day or…

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