Essay about How I Changed My Life

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As far as I could recall I have always been a person who loves to help other individuals. I remember being in the 2nd grade and most of the times I would finish my classwork earlier than most of my casemates. And, I would usually ask my classmates if they needed help with their work. Equally important, during recess I enjoyed playing sports whether it is basketball or soccer. Not to mention , I would often stay after school to play basketball with my schoolmates. furthermore, I also enjoyed playing with my hot wheel cars at home and at times I pretended to fix my cars just like my dad, who is a mechanic. I guess I grew to love cars from an early age because every weekend my father would fix cars, so I was always around cars during my childhood. However, I never developed the passion to seek a career in auto mechanics. I love cars but I did not want to work on them. Also like around the age of nine I would help my grandfather clean his garden. It was from this experience that I learned how to turn on a lawnmower. Most of times I would help my grandfather trim trees or go with him to clean houses. I believe that I grew so much as a person during this experience. For one because it made me realize that if I did not continue going to school, I would have to rely on a blue-collar job just like my grandfather did. However, being that I was born in the United States of America as compared to my father and grandfather who are illegal immigrants, I will tell myself that I should not…

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