How I Changed My English Essay

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In college you are presented with new material that you haven’t seen in the past eighteen years of schooling engaging in new ideas that will benefit you long into the future. Some of these classes are specialized to fit your major while others are classes are more advanced than in high school. While English is a class everyone in high school has taken, college level English 102 has taught me new way to write, different types of writing and a way to strengthen my words. For my final task in task I’d like to take a look at how my English skills have grown as well as improvements I could’ve made over the semester
A major part of my English 102 course is online activities like connect work and blogging. Online work is new to me this semester and it has taught me a lot about different parts of English and writing. To start, practicing through connect to improve my language skills has been very beneficial. Connect has taught me new concepts in English as well as sentence structure. Throughout connect I was tested on credibility and how to make a sentence sound fluent. Following, while completing my assignments connect there where some challenges I faced. After being asked a question I would choose an answer that was incorrect. I realized that going back and taking the time to read their terms and concepts would have saved me time and effort while answering the questions. Lastly, blogging influenced my writing in a new way as well as allowed me to understand my voice as a writer…

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