How I Build A Free Website? Essay

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How to Build A Free Website?

Important Points to Know When Building your Website

You have to pick a domain name to use for your website
You need to choose a host to publish your website
You must have an idea of what your website is about
You should spend time on creating your content to put on your website
It is helpful to know your target audience (niche) to create a quality content
Include a comment box or feedback at the bottom of your page for better ranking
It is important to use rich keywords to use for your content to attract traffic domain web

Notice some words are highlighted above to indicate the importance of each word on helping you build a successful website. Knowing, understanding and applying the rules apply to each word on your website will have a huge impact in getting traffic which means audience into your site and the better chance in making money.

If you are a newbie and have no idea what these words means, below are the meaning or explanation of what these words mean and how it can help you build successful website:

Domain name is the name you want to call your website – it is the name that people type the web address or google to get information about the site and you need to pick a good name that is relevant to what your website is about or selling to allow people know and find your site easily.
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