How I Become A Pr Essay

1110 Words Nov 12th, 2015 null Page
Happy Masina once said “Reputation matters because your behind is always behind you” (The Luxury Brand PR Agency 1). I am the type of person who looks out for people, even if we are not friends. To me there is nothing better to do for the rest of my life than become a Public Relations Director, so I can look out for people all the time. Reputation always matters, no matter what anyone says. If you have a bad reputation people are less likely to use your brand, be friends with you, vote for you, etc. Although it is just the beginning of my education, I am on my way to becoming a PR and the best question to ask is: How can I become successful in PR? Public Relations is the management of media that determines how the public will function and makes a plan to follow through to gain public acceptance. A few political leaders have stated that public relation programs are not successful and after having all kinds of work done, they just end up being discouraged (Erokan 13). It is not always about the PR firm, but it can be about the person that is being presented. Although it is a lot about the person, if the PR firm does not use successful tools to present the person, business, or brand it can backfire. Public Relation programs can implement advantageous processes, such as goals, an audience, a key message, and a strategic plan allowing for PR to be effective (Erokan 13). We use public relations in all aspects of our lives, it is about eliminating the weaknesses by magnifying…

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