Essay on How I Became Me?

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How I Became Me

Well it all started from the day I was born. I know it is a bit cliche but that is really where it started. I was born on Christmas morning. My mom always said I was born silent. I looked around as though I were watching my surroundings to detect a threat. Then I cried. Seeking the attention of my mother. For a while I was dependent on her. I did not know just how much my mom depended on me. When I got older I noticed how hard life was on her. She had to go to school and raise me by herself for a while before she met my brothers’ father. It was fun and I thought of him as my own dad. It was alright for a while until my brother was born; then, I was ignored by him. That would not have been so bad if it were not for him constantly picking on me. Harsh words, pushing me around, saying how he hated me. Then with the physical abuse he was giving my mom, we could not stand to live with him any longer. Of course he was not a bad father to his Shaun and Erin, my brothers, since they were his kids, and he is still good to them to this day. A few months after leaving my brother’s dad MY donor as I call him made an appearance. I was seven or eight at the time and we were living with my grandmother again. I came from in the room my brother’s and I shared when my mother called me to the living room. It ended in tears. I thought that Shaun, my brothers’ dad, was my father and the news shocked me. I’ll never admit it aloud but at the time I was desperate for a father’s…

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