How I Became Literate Essay

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Opening a book creates a whole new world of exploration of the imagination. Every turn of the sharp crisp pages leads to a new discovery, an intriguing sense of the mind to where you will never be capable of putting a book down for even a second. As a child there are countless memories I can recollect of learning to read and experiencing that same exact feeling. Many people have been influential in the process of my own literary advancement over the years. Only a few of those people stick out very vividly in my mind, Mrs.Kathy, Mrs.Shannon, and my grandfather Odom. Mrs.Kathy was one of the first individuals to introduce me to reading and it all started with bedtime stories. I can remember crawling into the tall hickory wood sleigh bed in …show more content…
On the ride home almost immediately I would start reading one of the books and within two days they were completed. Every time I spent the night with my grandparents, around eight o’clock my grandfather would call me over to sit in his lap for reading time. He would always read one of my favorite books called “The Cricket in Times Square”. Listening attentively to each word spoken I would then ask if I could read the book to my grandfather. Hours passed and we would still be sitting there in the recliner reading the book. Once we were finished reading, it was bedtime. Even though my grandfather and I finished the book I would still ask to read “The Cricket in Times Square” every night I spent with them. Opening a book with every turn of a crisp sharp page still to this day leads me to new discoveries and intrigues my mind to the point to where I am incapable of setting a book down. Recollecting memories and experiences from my literary advancement over the years is a wonderful thing to reflect on. The three most influential people in the process of my advancement, Mrs.Kathy, Mrs.Shannon, and my grandfather Odom will always stick out very vividly in my mind. I am truly thankful for all of the effort each one of these individuals have put toward my literary

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