How I Am An Essay

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I would begin an essay by brainstorming like in project one the effective moments in my life, project two the obvious things I see in the photo, and project four the topic of my choice. I would write out everything I need for the certain essay and every idea that could be some way connected to my writing process. I would complete bullet points of my idea without putting them in complete sentences. In addition, while making bullets I think about whom am I delivering this paper to or how would my audience react to my writing and if they find it meaningful. After all ideas and details are put down onto paper; I will continue to form sentences making a response to my bullets, eventually typing my body paragraph out trying to solve that “so what moment.” Then later in my intro paragraph, I make sure my thesis is supported by my body paragraphs. Finally, after my first draft I add my conclusion and continue revising my work.
If I feel more confident about my writing and go to my resources for help so that, my work will come out better. When starting out an essay; I should start my writing process with a positive attitude from the brainstorming to the final draft it would result a better grade. When having a negative mindset, I am diving into my writing with negative thoughts only resulting incomplete writing. In project three I learned that brainstorming is a key factor to my writing. It helps me get a head start of what ideas I need to incorporate and for whom. In addition, it…

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