Essay about How Humor Can Create Different Emotions Within The Comedy

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Everyone has it, and everyone has their own preference on what they find humorous. Comedy is an emotional outlet that allows us to have a more joyful approach in our lives. Humor is an under rated skill that everyone should be in touch with. The great thing about comedy is, there are no set rules, which makes the art of comedy endless. We know comedy is for all ages because we see young infants giggle when a person plays peek-a-boo, and we see our grandparents giggle when we tell them we still do not have a girlfriend or boyfriend. Everyone has their own comedic quirks from the out of this world tale of Lilo An Stitch, to the vulgar and tear–jerking films of Jackass, everyone has something in-between that they find comical. When humor can create different emotions within a person aside from laughter great comedy often ensues. Can you imagine how bland the world would be if there was only one type of comedy?
Since humor can cover an immense variety of comedic instances, there are many types of humor people might find offensive. For instance in stand up comedy, you typically have one person trying to squeeze a chuckle out of you by explaining these long drawn out stories. Comedy through verbal stories makes it easy for the listeners to forget bits and pieces if there is no visual aid represented. A joke, rude natured and ill mannered, the feelings that will be hurt, don’t concern comedians. It is often times, for stand up comedians that in order to get a reaction from an…

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