How Human Sexual Development Fit With Your Theory? Essay

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How does human sexual development fit with your theory?
Human sexual development is an important thing to consider when working with a client, most people view their sexuality development differently. Sigmund Freud was considered the father of the Psychodynamic theory mainly because of his theory on psychosexual stages of development in children. He developed 5 stages that has been followed by many different psychologist, however many people couldn’t agree that children have sexual desires. Erickson followed Freud’s theories and developed his theories on psychosocial stages, which leads throughout the lifespan not just childhood. He also focused on the conscious mind whereas Freud was about the unconscious mind. Both psychologist have very useful information about the development of children and adults. (Dunn & Craig)
Awareness is a good way to produce change when the atypical behaviors cause harm or exploitation of children, men or women. I believe society has exposed this issue and has brought it attention to show people what is happening in our cities. In addition, treatment for paraphilia is usually not talked about by the offender because of their unwillingness to change unless forced, and even when forced they have to be the one who wants to change or treatment will be unsuccessful.
Some treatment approaches are, psychoanalytic psychotherapy, where the treatment is on the persons unconscious memories in those who had believed to have had a problematic childhood.…

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