How Human Intelligence Works And Understands As A Single Entity Is Remarkable

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From the moment we are born, human beings embark on a journey of self-discovery. Humans discover what they like or do not like. As humans grow, we travel the realm of discovery. Single human beings learn to talk from the individuals and the environment that surround them. They began to form thought and self-thinking abilities. Humans then begin to discovery the complex idea of thinking. They embark on the process of metacognition, where they think about thinking. In addition, the process of learning is gained in this complex mixture of growth. How human intelligence works and thinks as a single entity is remarkable. In the end, this process of living is never the same from one human being to another. The process may contain similarities, but the experiences will always be different. When single human beings combined all this greatness and development into one area, they create a diverse community full of individual thinkers and learners. Except, what is an individual? According to, the noun individual is “A single human being as distinct from a group: a single member of a class, a person of a specified kind, and a distinctive or original person.” Many words make up one simple term just like many individual make up a multiplex community. When following the degree of education, individuals must understand the assortment of different cultures that will encompass their every year classroom. A variety of experiences, ontologies, and epistemologies create…

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