How Human Activity Impacts Ecosystems Essay

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An ecosystem is a unique environment which has many biotic and abiotic factors. It provides a habitat for many different kinds of species and organisms. Human activity can have a great impact on the natural balance of any ecosystem in a very harmful way. In the Algar region near the Athabasca River, companies have been exploring for oil and gas so they cut lines and run seismic programs through them. In doing so, it has created an unsafe environment for the caribou species, as well as stopping the natural regeneration of different species of vegetation. As a civilian of a nearby town, it is my duty to apply my knowledge to assess how human activity impacts ecosystems in communal, economic, and an individual way.

Caribou are one of Canada’s most familiar national symbols, but their populations is unfortunately under threat in Alberta due to industrial development on their habitat. When industries cut corridors in the forest in the Algar region for exploration of oil and gas, they expose the caribou to predators such as wolves who use the tracks to easily maneuver through the forest and find their prey- the caribou. The abiotic factor in a caribou 's niche is the forest and trees. When industries cut them down for human profit, we contribute to the extinction of the caribou. The human activity impacts the Algar region. Another abiotic factor that is distinctive in the Algar region is the soil. When the companies were searching for oil and gas and cut the lines, they…

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