How Hr Practices Kill Innovation Essay example

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Hartung, A. (2017, June 7), How HR ‘Best Practices’ kill innovation. Retrieved from
Most of the companies consider people who fit in the company culture along with how well they fit to the job role. This article is contradicting this whole process. Also, the author did provide proven evidence to support his point. Likeminded people bring in same perspective to any problem. Companies should hire people who think different to bring a new perspective to the company initiatives. As the author speaks about Steve Jobs who would never be recruited by the traditional HR practices, but he took apple to the success with his innovative ideas. Contradicting this, author speaks about the Wal-Mart ownership given to a family member of previous executive. The change in ownership did not bring any improvement to the company and put it behind most of its competitors.

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Both the articles mentioned above discuss the importance of exit interviews to improve the company HR practices. One of the article mentioned above provides some valuable information on…

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