Essay on How Hitler Influenced The World

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Michael Hart, in his book The 100: A ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History, ranked Hitler number 39 out of the 100. Hitler’s environment played many factors in how he dictated Germany. The way he was brought up influenced his mindset and goals for rule. After Hitler became the dictator of the Third Reich of Germany, he had many influences on society and caused genocide throughout Europe. After his rule, Hitler’s influence was obvious. Over 6 million Jews were killed in the genocide and Germany no longer existed as a whole. All of these points are profound examples of how Hitler influenced the world. Michael Hart is correct in ranking Hitler number 39 out of the 100 most influential persons in history. Before Hitler came to power, he was battling with problems that influenced how he came to be the ruler of Germany. This quote is one example of how Hitler struggled with different problems. “He twice failed the admission examination for the academy of arts” (Adolf Hitler). Hitler was an aspiring artist. He applied to the academy of arts, but he failed to make it into the school. Since he had failed twice, Hitler began to feel the exasperation of not getting what he desired. This added fuel to the fire and made him more angry and upset about the outcome. Every time Hitler failed at something, more determination grew inside of him to strive for greatness. Hitler also faced some physical conflicts as well. For example, “During the war he was gassed…

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