Essay about How High School Sports Can Bring People Together

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Teenagers today are all looking for a place to fit in, they are always looking to make new friends and share experiences for them. For some teenagers it is harder than others, the easiest way to try making new friends is to join a sports team. Sports can bring people together for many different reasons, the bond you share with the kids on a team can be a bond for life. Teen sports can also help a teen stay out of trouble, sports team practice almost all year around so if their committed it takes up a lot of their time. Obesity is at a high rate today and if teens are training all year they learn about proper diet and exercise. Competitive sports can be healthy for teens in high school because it keeps teenagers out of trouble, forces them to be social with their team, and keeps teenagers in shape.
High school sports takes times and commitment from the teenager, most high school sports have year around practices that will keep a player busy. It is hard to keep a kid in high school on track with everything that is going on, sports however, can keep a teenager in line. All sports teams and administrations at schools have a certain grade point average that you must maintain if they want to play sports. In most instances if a teen does not maintain that GPA or the qualifying grade letters they are suspended for a certain amount of games and or practices. Recently there was a study on over
1,000 ten graders for six years to see how participation can help with students grades. “The…

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