How High School Has Taught Me Through The Years Essay

1076 Words May 25th, 2016 null Page
There are some things that high school has taught me through the years. Rather it be from lessons in classes or lessons i learned on my own or from my friends and superiors that will help me in my next step in life rather it be college or the military i am not sure yet. There are also some things and classes that have taught me nothing and have been just busy work and classes to fill up my schedules for the days. Over all it has been a long and exhausting processes that i am happy to be done with. One way that high school has prepared me for my next step in life is that it taught me how to communicate with others very well. Either by using electronics or in person because what ever you are doing in life you will need good communication skills to do you job well. If i go to college it will help me tremendously because all college is, is communication between you and your teachers and peers. Without it you will be very lost in college. If i go into the military it will be a huge help to because without it in the military you would have no idea what you are doing either and the military is so strong because of all the technology we use to help us communicate and share data with others to keep America safe. High School has also taught me how to manage my time usefully and what to use my time for. Time management is a huge part of highschool because everything is based on it even this essay i 'm writing right now. I have an hour and a half to write three pages so obviously i…

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