Essay on How High School Changed Me For The Better

956 Words Sep 12th, 2016 4 Pages
The journey through high school was awkward and uncomfortable for the most part. It took a lot of time and effort to be comfortable with the people around me and myself. Aspects of high school changed me for the better. Four long years with students unlike myself pushed me to become me. The memories I made through the halls of BHS, will be remembered as the best times of my life (as of now).
As I entered ninth grade the feeling of anxiety was overwhelming. All of the older students rushing through the hallways with no attempt to make the freshman feel at ease. Classes were different from before; longer class times, but only four classes a day. Mixing with the upperclassmen was the most uncomfortable, awkward experience that high school had to offer. The constant anxiety and fear of “will I do something embarrassing?” and “am I smart enough to be in here?”. The constant feeling of difference was seen on almost every freshman’s face, including mine. Lunches went from all being with all my friends to being by myself or looking for comfort in my sister or her friends. Adjusting to life in high school meant stepping out of normality and making new friends with people I would never imagine speaking to. I had taken high school level math in middle school, so entering ninth grade I was placed into tenth grade level geometry with only three other students in my grade. I wouldn’t exactly call myself shy as much as antisocial, so being with students I hardly remembered because of…

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