Essay on How High School Can Be A Tough Place Without A Group

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Being in high school can be a tough place without a group to back you up. High school has changed into this social hierarchy that feeds off the kids with insecurities and kids that are different. In most schools the Jocks and the pretty, popular girls are in charge and they get a say in who goes to the parties they go to and where they hang out, most of high school is structured to fit their needs and wants. A kid without many friends, a loner, has trouble finding people he/she can relate to. This makes it hard during group work, partner work, or even finding a lunch table to sit at. Today the 5 main groups or cliques are Jocks, Popular girls, Hipsters, Nerds, and Outcasts. 20 years ago pretty much the same groups can be found, Athlete, Brain, Basket case, Princess, and a criminal. When comparing those groups, they are very similar in many ways. The jock and athlete, the brain and nerd, and the princess and popular girl. Those are the groups that are similar but, due to more people accepting change and being different a lot of students can be called hipsters now. These are the kids who are hipsters are defined as a person who follows the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream. Juvenile kids have mostly ridden schools and joined the ALC or just dropped out of high school and worked for minimum wage full time. Kids today wouldn’t think about confronting someone face to face and just pure bully them, most of the bullying…

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