How Hierarchies Has Created A Broken Education System Essay

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Society often dictates how individuals view themselves and others. Individuals who deviate from what is considered the norm are often ostracized for their irregularities. Identity is the characteristic of determining who or what a person is. Society questions these abnormal traits as if they are temporary, however, they are innate and therefore, cannot be changed. Cathy Davidson’s, Project Classroom Makeover, talks about how hierarchies have created a broken education system whose educational standards do not provide customized education to every student. On the other hand, Son by Andrew Solomon is about the false dichotomy of using illness to obscure identity and vice versa. Solomon’s axis of identity can be used to understand Davidson’s hierarchies because it demonstrates how society treats and values individuals with vertical and horizontal identities. Solomon’s text defines the axis of identity as vertical identity and horizontal identity. Vertical identity, which is held at a greater value by society, is inherited or passed down through one’s genes or shared cultural norms. “Because of the transmission of identity from one generation to the next, most children share at least some traits with their parents” (Solomon 369). This exhibits that physical appearance, religion, ethnicity, nationality, and language are examples of vertical identity. On the other hand, horizontal identity is influenced by peer groups and are typically rejected by one’s parents because it is…

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