How Henry Ford Negatively Impacted The Way Automobiles And The Assembly Line

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Buying a new vehicle? Imagine not being able to buy a Ford. Without Henry Ford it wouldn’t be possible. He produced quality automobiles that were affordable, and still does to this day. His automobiles were so affordable, many people could buy them. He took productivity and customer satisfaction to a new level. Ford tried his best to satisfy all his customers and make an automobile that would last. His was also a great business man who knew how to make money, and have a productive business. Henry Ford positively impacted the way automobiles and the assembly line are used today.
Henry Ford was born on July 30, 1863 on his family 's farm. They lived just outside of Greenfield Township, Michigan. He grew up in a good and stable environment. His parents were William and Mary Ford. Henry had two brothers: William Ford Jr. and Robert Ford. He had two sisters: Margaret Ford and Jane Ford. His father William was very firm when it came to religion. Their religion they practiced was called Anglicanism. Henry wasn’t big on going to church, even as he got older. He thought believing in God was a waste of time.
In 1832, George and Samuel Ford arrive in Ireland and settled in Dearborn Township. Henry as a young child was very smart. Henry was the smartest in his class. After high school, he went on to the Detroit Business Institute. He studied there until 1888, where he met Clara Ala Bryant. He was 24 years old and she was 22 years old on the day they got married in Michigan.

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