How Healthily Their Feet Upon The Floor Essay

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The title of my poem is, "How Healthily Their Feet Upon the Floor" by Edna St. Vincent Millay. I believe that the significance of this title is about the childhood life. The word "healthily" means to be in good health, and it is referring to the feet on the floor, which I believe are dancing or running; the activities of a child which are forms of exercise. That is seen as good health; however, by only looking at the title a reader would not know that the poet is giving an expiation of childhood lives, memories, and experience. The first line of my poem is the same as the title, "How Healthily Their Feet Upon the Floor". This relates to the theme of my poem because the poet gives examples of the activities that the children are doing. Some examples are:
"Of children, surely, leaping hand in hand / Into the air in groups of three and four" (3-4), "And running hard as if along a shore" (8), "...and the panting breath; / Once more, as always when the dance is high" (11 & 13). In lines 3 and 4, Millay explains that the children together are leaping, which requires their feet to do such a task. Running is also mentioned in line 8, as is dancing in line 13; thus, 'the panting breath ' is an explanation of the outcome of their physical activities they are doing. Being physical and healthy requires you to use your feet, and that is what the child are doing with these activities and memories. This means their feet are in good health upon the floor, which is the beach. My poem,…

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