How Has the Poetry of Judith Wright Encapsulated the Australian Experience? Refer to 3 Poems in Your Response?

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English essay practice
How has the poetry of Judith Wright Encapsulated the Australian experience? Refer to 3 poems in your response?
Intro help is at this website Structure * Reiterate the question-give you thesis * Definition of the Australian Experience * Overview of all things you will discuss/introduce poems * (summary of paragraphs)
Paragraphs for each poem * Present one aspect of the Australian experience conveyed ( what is one aspect of the Australian experience in this poem?) * Techniques+ effect of techniques in conveying this perpective * Why is the poem effective in presenting this perspective?

Summary of “ Bora ring”
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Australia references * Australia culture * Aboriginal invasion/ important Australian experience, culture * Through stories told by older workers on the property she learnt of the pioneers' part in both the destruction of the land and the dispossession and murder of the aboriginal people. The sense of fear she felt at invasion enabled her to understand, at some level, how the Aborigines would have felt.

Summary of “ Sanctuary
Analysis of Sanctuary by Judith Wright
It has been claimed that Judith Wright is the conscience of this country. How has she pricked the reader’s conscience in sanctuary? The poem Sanctuary by Judith Wright is a warning that human development is causing destruction of nature and a criticism of our attempts to create sanctuaries, as they are merely empty gestures. ... The word ‘sanctuary’ originated from the word ‘sanctum’ meaning holy place. A sanctuary is a place of safety and protection. ... Sanctuary has a sarcastic tone. ... ” and the use of sarcastic phrases such as “flat skins pinned to the road”, she ridicules the notion of the creation of a sanctuary because human greed will never allow these ideals to become reality.
The poem presents quite a graphic picture of a country road at night- the polished surface in the headlights, the animal eyes, brilliant before any outline is see, the flattened bodies of those previously killed on this lethal pathway through their habitat. It conveys vivdly also the alienation of modern

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