How Has Social Media Changed Interactions Among American Teens?

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How has Social Media Changed Interactions Among American Teens?
If the modern age of technology has caused a decline in face-to-face interactions, then has the time come to label this phenomenon an issue? Before the invention of telephones, one would need to walk to a neighbor’s house to converse. Today, the ability to text has eradicated the need for direct contact. Humans have communicated from long distance, or social networking for thousands of years. Tom Standage notes, in an excerpt of Social Media the First 2,000 Years, that since the mail system developed (dating back to even the Romans) individuals would send letters instead of commenting on each other’s statuses. Other forms of communication have been created throughout history and have been beneficial to various communities and groups. For example the Underground Railroad used a wide array of signals such as quilts and candles to convey secret messages. Standage claims, in 16th century France hearsay was spread through poetry, comparable to gossip spread though popular social networking sites today. Social media evolved further through uses of the telegraph, telephone, cellular phone, and now particularly the Internet. Media currently, has changed society in a multitude of ways, including relationship functionality. Electronics have caused a regression in face-to-face interactions, and have weakened the emotional connection involved in relationships. Studies have yet to produce evidence of any effects caused by…

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