How Has Cellular Phone Changed People Live? Essay

820 Words Mar 4th, 2016 4 Pages
“How Has Cellular Phone Changed People Live?” Did you know, the first mobile phone was used by the military to send sensitive information across world? Since the 1980s a major change in how we use cell phone today, from just call to email, text, and even web browsing. Cell phone have changes the way teenage interact with people, and how they live there day to day life. Mobile phone have change my life, and how people privacy has change. Cellular phone have they pro and con with them, but we can change the way cell phone can control our lives. Cellular phone have changed the way our teenagers live and interact with people in their lives. More teenage have a harder time talking, or writing on the job, and school. Because all that teenagers know are how to text, which mean they are writing short hand and not incomplete sentence. For example; my brother was told to write an essay for school he is fifteen years old. He wrote the paper and ask me to check over essay for him, to give him some advice. I check his essay his one sentence look like these; “I want 2 be a computer teacher & work @ GTCC.” Can you see what’s wrong with these sentence? Some teenage whole life is around a cellular phone or in it. Not including the car accident rate of teenage drive because of texting and driving, has increase by 10%. Before cellular phone adolescent could not get into accident because of texting and driving were where no cellular. I’m not saying that teenager never got into accident just…

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