How Has Cancer Rates Changed Now From Now?

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Survival rates are improving for many people with cancer especially for those diagnosed at younger ages but, cancer is still a leading cause of death in the United States but advances in radiation, chemotherapy and targeted treatments have improved survival especially for cancer of the breast, prostate, lung, liver and colon (Rosen, 2016). Different types of cancers are constantly evolving so the question here is...are cancer treatments improving?
How Has Cancer Rates Changed Now from Then? According to the website WebMD the United States has the seventh highest cancer rate in the world Half of us will hear the words “you have cancer” at some point in our lives (2005). That’s a stark figure. And it’s a reminder, that should remind all of us, of the challenge we face in beating this disease. This is not to say we are not making progress: more people are beating cancer today than ever before. Survival has doubled in the last 40 years(2005). More than three-quarters of all people diagnosed with cancer
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In general, the earlier a cancer is found and treated, the better the chances are for living for many years. Over one and a half million new cancer cases are diagnosed each year. Anyone can get cancer at any age, but the risk goes up with age. About 78% of all cancers are diagnosed in people age of 55 and older. Cancer can be found in Americans of all racial and ethnic groups, but the rate of cancer occurrence (called the incidence rate) varies from group to group.( 2005

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