Essay on How Hannah Has More Impact On Society

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Specifically, Hannah helps Prior by both bringing him to the hospital when he falls ill and by helping him realize that he can reject the prophecy given to him by the Angel. In fact, she tells him, “An angel is just a belief…It’s naught to be afraid of. If it lets you down, reject it. Seek for something new” (Kushner 237), which provides relief to Prior’s struggles with accepting the prophecy. Furthermore, she also forces Prior to wrestle with the Angel, which allows him to return the book of anti-migration back to heaven, relieving him of the burden that was forced upon him. Although they’re strangers, Hannah has more of an impact on Prior than any other character in the play. Specifically, Hannah doesn’t downplay his encounter with the Angel, and provides him with a specific solution to his problem that no one else was able to supply. For example, Belize disregarded Prior’s encounter with the Angel, insisting that it was just a delusion. Hannah, however, listened to him and gave him advice as to how he could “get his life back.” Although she didn’t necessarily believe his claims, as seen by the line, “I thought it was more a…metaphorical…” (Kushner 250), when the Angel reappears, Hannah still did not downplay Prior’s troubles and offered him with a solution, unlike Belize. Furthermore, up until this point, it can be argued that Prior was isolating himself from the rest of the world. As a result, all of the advice he was given came from the same person—Belize—so gaining a…

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