How Hacking Affects Companies On The United States And How They Protect Themselves From Hacking

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What Methods are US Companies Using to Protect Themselves from Hacking This essay will go into depth on how hacking affects companies in the United States and how they protect themselves from these types of crimes. To introduce the topic the hacking will be defined and the various relating terms. Following that, this essay will show how the everyday consumer is affected by hacking leading into why major companies such as Target, who are put in the cross hairs of hackers. Also, how these hackers got into the company’s infrastructure, what happened thus, and what was wrong with their approach or what they should have done. Lastly, this paper will examine what new innovations are happening to protect US companies and companies who employ these techniques.
Computer hacking refers to the practice of modifying or altering computer software and hardware that isn’t theirs or steal information. Most hackers possess an advanced understanding of computer technology. The typical computer hacker will possess an expert level in a computer program and will have advanced abilities in regards to computer programming.
Unlike most computer crimes hacking is hard to prosecute because the crime is easy to cover up and there are more loopholes within the laws that pertain to hacking. Hacking is the process in which a hacker would breach a computer or server’s firewalls and other forms of security. Per Microsoft “A firewall is a software program or piece of hardware that helps screen out…

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