How God Is Dead And A Man Has Created A New One, Photography Essay

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In Paul Strands article he goes into great depth of how God is dead and a man has created a new one, Photography. Through the development of Photography and how people are now becoming aware of all the technical advantages it has, Scientists have indirectly given this new God an appreciation and purpose in the world, especially in America during the time of Industrialization. Strand states that this God that has been created could be detrimental if not used correctly or for the right purposes, which Strands argue is for mechanics, and as stated for the rise of Industrialization. In contrast, Walter Benjamin
{Insert Walter Benjamin’s ideas of the camera in relation to God} As stated Strand was very intrigued in the use of the camera in relation to the rising industrialization movement that was occurring in America at the time. In the documentary film, Manhatta this notion of how America is changing is present. By starting the film in Manhattan known for their revolutionary ideas, automatically shows the viewer this idea of this machine aspect. Strand photographing these tall skyscraper’s demonstrating these rugged and industrial forms, with the more abstract natural aspect of the smoke, even thought it is a byproduct of human waste, plays into this notion of how photography is now able to portray these ideas in ways that can be viewed my many. Also, it allows the idea to be formed that this machine (the camera) allows the photographer to select certain perspective that…

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