Flow Of Talent Case Study

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Introduction Over the past decade, it has become increasingly necessary for businesses (both local and multinational) to comprehend the phenomenon of globalization and how it impacts on international business. Put simply, globalization is the breakdown of boarders resulting in the exchange of culture, technology, and increased worldwide trade (Herrmann, 2012). According to Intriligator (2003), for all its pomposity, globalization in relation to the world economy evokes contrasting reactions. There are those quarters that view globalization as a powerful vehicle for advancing the world economy, while others see it as a serious threat to the global economic fabric (Intriligator, 2003). Much of the controversy surrounding the impact of globalization …show more content…
However, as Carr et al. (2005) continue to state, the global flow of talent encompasses individual migrants who exile themselves independently in search of employment. The outcome, according to Carr et al. (2005), has been the alternation of competencies specific to those environments within which the flow of talent is directed.
The breaking down of borders has generated the impetus for a) individuals to traverse continents in search of greener pastures, and b) organizations to essentially position themselves to attract this continuous flow of talent across the globe. In both scenarios, catalysts of globalization collude to realize one outcome; increased international flow of people. Therefore, it is necessary to address the impact of globalization on the global flow of talent in the context of information communication technology, economic, political and cultural liberalism, all of which are catalysts of globalization.
I. Information Communication
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According to Carr et al. (2005), two schools of thought emerge; those who see the internationalization of talents as brain waste or drain, and those who see it as brain gain. In the former, Carr et al. (2005) state that brain waste proponents claim immigrant skills are often underutilized in their new country and that such expatriation of talent disadvantages the countries that relinquish it. On the other hand, supporters of the brain gain position argue that countries that lose talent through emigration often recoup it through immigration. The specifics of each viewpoint are debatable. However, the million dollar question remains; does the liability of foreignness disadvantage migrants in the migrant receiving

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