How Globalization Has Changed Organizational Behavior Essay

1733 Words Aug 19th, 2016 null Page
In this paper, I would compare and contrast two countries, Turkey and U.S.A according to practices of organizational behavior. First of all, I would speak about globalization because globalization has affected organizational behavior. Actually, we speak over fifty years about globalization. What is it globalization and what is the relationship between globalization and organizational behavior? Globalization is the integration of international market and other cultures with the global economy. There is no board and businesses are across the world so that the relationship between cultures, society, politics and business are affected each other. Therefore, globalization has changed the element of management, leadership, communication, motivation, diversity and teams that demonstrate the relationship between organizational behavior and globalization. Of course, all countries are not affected by globalization same size. Some countries have main differences such as culture, religion, region and other beliefs. An analyze of organizational behavior practices between America and Turkey will be interesting because there are similarities but also differences. Although we can be considered more collectivist, American have a more individualism that is why we have dissimilarities. The globalization is a significant issue, but there is not enough to do away with these differences.

On the other hand, this limited resemblance will increase in the future and will more similarity, but we…

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