How Globalization And Fashion Are Connately Linked Through Modern Consumerist Culture

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Clothing is one of the most important parts of everyday life, it is engrained into our routines. The object I will be discussing in this essay is the plain white t-shirt. The plain white t-shirt is a staple item of clothing in millions of wardrobes. Due to the dispensability of current fashion, the plain white t-shirt is created in the masses and is sold at almost every clothing vendor. Modern fashion encourages expendability through globalization; By producing clothing in such dense numbers at a considerably fast pace, this encourages people to purchase more, thus contributing to the cycle. Innately linked with the disposable nature of fashion is Erving Goffman’s presentation of self, we are infatuated with how we are seen by other people and often use clothing as a way of presenting who we are. In this essay I will discuss how globalization and fashion are connately linked through modern consumerist culture. I will discuss how that is linked with our current hyper-awareness of the self, in conjunction with Goffman’s theory of the presentation of self. I will then go on further deliberate how clothing structures the everyday and how the plain white t-shirt is an important framework of the mundane.

Consumption of clothing has increased rapidly due to the influx of globalized nations producing clothing in such large quantities. The “Great North” exploits impoverished countries by outsourcing clothing production to places where the price of…

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