How Gift Exchange Has Made A Huge Impact On The Market Based Economy

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CH.9) In the United States, the currency that is considered valuable would be checks, cards, and dollar bills. However, checks and cards are the same as dollar bills, but in a bank account. Money is any item that is long-lasting and scarce, which is the characteristics that a dollar bill has. In other cultures, there were other items that were scarce, including shells. The indigenous people of California used clam shell beads for currency. The dramatic shift in currency in California is astonishing. Gift exchange has made a huge impact in the market-based economy. When it comes to gift exchanges, different gifts have diverse values of meaning. Including money, which is valuable, but has no meaning whatsoever. While gifts that are wrapped are full of meaning. There are also gifts that do not involve the market-based economy (Walden-Hurtgen, 2015, Lecture 16). To most people, gifts that are hand crafted without the use of money tend to touch the person’s heart who is receiving the gift.
CH.10) Centralized and non-centralized political systems are extremely diverse topics that hold a few similarities. To put in a basic definition, centralized is an organized political system and a non-centralized political government is unorganized. Non-centralized political systems use foraging, pastoralism, and horticulture for food with no serious formal laws. Also, the power and control of resources is spread out across the population. There are two populations, including the bands and the…

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