How Gentrification Is A Positive Or Negative Process? Essay

1985 Words Apr 20th, 2016 null Page
Gentrification is the process of renewing deteriorated neighborhoods to benefit the wealthy individuals while displacing those with poor socioeconomic residents, which results in increased property values and the displacing of impoverished families and small businesses. While the media might not directly contribute to gentrification, the media is undoubtedly a significant aspect of modern day society that influences people 's perspective on whether gentrification is a positive or negative process. Marketing of gentrification has become a business strategy to gain support for the urban renewal. Gentrification usually involved business growth to increase the affluence of a city. However, the emergence of ‘creative class’ suggests that there is an alternative way of elevating our economy, which is by attracting the ‘creative class.’ Businessmen and authority figures utilize various tactics to isolate the impoverished class, such as the use of social media marketing strategy to gentrify and marginalize them. Gentrification becomes a common practice that benefits the wealthy individuals while displacing those with poor socioeconomic residents.
Businessmen use the social media marketing strategy to emphasize that gentrification is a sign of economic growth. Buildings and parks are modernized and beautified. There is an increase in retail and service businesses. The new affluent class’ arrival receives the benefits of increased economic activity. Oftentimes, the media seem to…

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