How Gender Roles Is A Construct Of Society Essay

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The idea of gender roles is a construct of society. Throughout the existence of the human race, the genders have been expected to do two very different tasks in order to uphold society. There was generally no deviation from the roles, however, in modern society, it is no longer necessary for the genders to stick strictly to their expected jobs. A woman, as opposed to a man, can now be the supporter of the house. A man, as opposed to the woman, can now raise the family and care for the children. The survival of the human race does not depend on women nurturing their children and men providing for their families. Despite this, people seem adamant on keeping the old gender stereotypes, but taking a new twist on them for their own benefit. Some evidence for this can be found in the dialogue of A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry. Some characters are adamant in their old fashioned beliefs in the roles of the genders, but others try fervently to break out of the chains binding them from their gender. Walter is a man who likes to dominate. He craves control and power in his family; over the women in particular. When Walter confronted Beneatha with “who the hell told you you had to be a doctor? If you so crazy ‘bout messing ‘round with sick people – then go be a nurse like other women – or just get married and be quiet…” he was implying that it is unnecessary for Beneatha to strive to be a doctor. A job like that is not meant for a woman. Walter would prefer it if women…

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