How Gender Roles Are Portrayed Essay

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Does your man not smell like the man you wish could smell like? Does your woman only watch recreational games because she thinks the athletes are hot? A television advertisement is a tool used to produce a message typically to market a product or service. But are commercials all about selling the product or portraying stereotypical traits about gender roles? Society may believe that gender stereotypes are uncommon in commercial, but if they took a closer look at each commercial. There 's will be various examples of how gender roles are portrayed infamously. Especially within men in American society, Axe’s product only portrays them as having higher authority, better-looking body and as jerks. They lack the true value of how men should be represented in our American society.
Let 's look at Axe the deodorant body spray. Their purpose is to send a message to men that the only way to get accepted by women is to have a good looking body. For example, in the Axe “Anti-Invisible” commercial we have a young overweight man who believes he 's invisible because females don 't want to talk to him. But once he sprays the deodorant all over himself, his body magically transforms into a healthy, well-built man with a six pack and gorgeous face. Soon the girl who ignored him comes back and provides full attention to him. Although it may seem that having a better body attracts gorgeous women, in real life women value men for more than their looks. It 's more about the value and intentions…

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