How Gender Is Being Reinforced By Everything We Do Essay

856 Words Apr 10th, 2015 4 Pages
In society today we constantly see how gender is being reinforced by everything we do. There is not excepting it. There are many things in our world that are starting to make a change in how we see it can really be more destructive then helpful. We see it in how we talk and converse with one another, how our families are formed, and what classrooms look like today. I believe more behaviors are endorsing gender norms than challenging them. Language is something we learn at a very young age, what we do not learn is that it is filled with gendered biased words that have become second nature for us, as humans, to use. Other languages have masculine and feminine nouns to help indicate the difference in words, the English language not so much, “words still have gender connotation”(Smith, 295). Words such as ‘mankind’ and phrases like ‘all men are created equal’ which imply everyone men and women, seem to only use the undying word of man. This is found in a lot of job descriptions with, Mailman, fireman, seaman, etc, which are all jobs that women can have as well. This speech, which was taught to us by our parents and teachers, is limiting the value of a woman. Even with something as rewarding as a Bachelors Degree, ‘bachelor’ being the root word implying man, when both men and women receive it. In my opinion, for some words it is easy for us to place words like ‘people’ or ‘person’ in place of ‘man’ and that can begin a change. Even little changes like that can begin to make a…

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