How Gay Rights And Same Sex Marriages Changed For Service Members?

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How have gay rights and same sex marriages changed for service members?
The world is full of diverse people. The living world changes everyday. It is apparent that everyone is subjected to the law and deserves to be treated equally; yet people are not accepting toward one another. Sexual orientation is a major controversial affair. Many people in my audience may not be aware that gay rights express a misconception; but it is important to have an open mind and learn more. Attitudes have varied in different cultures and societies. Some people may fully support and accept the idea of natural human rights as others might discriminate toward gay rights and same-sex marriages. This goes beyond social prejudice, religious beliefs, and personal opinions. The objective to this information is to explain the seriousness of the controversial debate which includes historical events and current changes.
Gay males and females have always existed throughout history. For many years it has been a crucial subject and forbidden for decades. This on-going atrocity has put many lives in jeopardy and caused service members to endure harsh persecution. For instance, Leonard Matlovich was a well known homosexual historical figure. Sergeant Matlovich was a Vietnam War Veteran and received the Purple Heart and Bronze Star for his heroic acts. He was the first gay service member to openly confess his homosexuality as opposed to stand up for his natural human right and fight against the ban of gay…

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