How Gabrielle Has Impacted My Life Essay

1117 Words Feb 9th, 2016 null Page
Many people have had an impact on my life, but none quite like my best friend, and partner in crime, Gabrielle. Sure, typical and cliché people such as my mom, dad and teachers have had an impact on my life in some shape or another, but not to the extent that Gabrielle has impacted my life. She has been with me and walked with me throughout my early childhood until the present, difficult time of becoming a young adult and learning lessons essential to my livelihood. She steadfastly joined me in this scary journey known as life and has the stories and fun memories to prove it. The story of Gabrielle and I begins on a quiet street known as Shea lane. We were three years old living the simple life as three-year olds do. Our lives were simple until we met each other, two parents, a few pets, then it changed. We began as enemies, always competing, for things such as each other’s parent’s attention, another friend, or things as simple as who got to act out the role of ‘mom’ while playing house. Competition was not in my nature, still isn 't, but it gave a rise to me. Looking back at it in the end it bettered me. Out of the lighthearted competition a friendship began to blossom, slowly but surely. Granted it was a relationship with many different trials and tribulations, but with nurture and care it began to bloom. A story that can really help a person understand who Gabrielle is and her very essence, is how she gave me three black eyes, the person she claimed to be her…

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