Essay about How Fur Has Been The Ultimate `` Fabric Of Desire ``

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Fur has always been the ultimate “fabric of desire”. People around the world have been purchased and favored fur clothes in many centuries ago, but not until recently, the demand for fur clothes are extending higher than ever. According to Robert Burke, founder of the luxury consultancy in New York, “Fur has always been a hot-button issue in fashion, and now more than ever because the consumer has the ability to research and decide for themselves where they want to stand”, he also added up to his point that “it is really the one area where money and ethics converge in fashion”. Although the numbers of people who want to have a fur coat is increasing, shocking facts and controversial opinions surrounding that issue are equally growing. Take a look into the industry that brings in an average of 1.5$ billion in sales each year and imagine yourself cramped in a cold and dark wire cages, taken away from your former living condition, given no food or water and suddenly one day, you are ripped from your cage, endlessly beaten to death and excruciatingly skinned alive. You are then thrown into a pile with others who had endured the same fates and seen as nothing more than garbage. This scenario is just a familiar thing that happens all the time in the fur industry and unfortunately, it has become a daily basis for people who work at those “animal farms”. It was not until when people started to realize how horrific it is to make fur clothing, the ugly truths about the fur industry…

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