How Froebel 's Educational Strategies Fostered The Inner Qualities Of The Human Being

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Discuss how Froebel 's educational strategies fostered the inner qualities of the human being.

Froebel, like many other educational philosophers is still celebrated today, with many of his theories still being applied in classrooms and schools. Most notable of all his work is his work with young children, especially in developing the concept of the kindergarten. Through his kindergarten and teaching ideals, Froebel was able to foster the development of the inner qualities of the human being within his students. This was achieved through helping his students develop a full and complete understanding of the world through the idealist philosophy. To begin, it is important to understand the principals behind idealist philosophy. Stating it simply, Gutek writes, 'According to idealist metaphysics, all ideas are related to and interconnected with each other and culminate in God, the great all-encompassing idea. All existence is united and related in a great chain of being, a universal unity ' (Gutek, 2011, p. 276). It is the theory that all things are connected, which Froebel uses to develop the inner qualities of his students. One of the most important qualities of the human being is our understanding of the world and the way it works. This understanding is something that must be fostered at a young age and allowed to develop as we progress through our education, as well as through our lives. Froebel focused on developing this understanding through slow step-by-step process.…

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