How Friendships Develop Our Lives And Help Us Through The Challenges

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We all have that best friend that we would call if we ever needed anything. The one person you would call in the middle of the night and they would answer. They would come save you even if you woke them up at three a.m. and they had work the next morning. I have that friend, do you? Friendships develop our whole lives and help us through the challenges. During an individual life, they will develop friendships during their childhood, their adolescence, and their young, middle, and late adulthood stages throughout.
Friendship is when certain individuals decide to choose the possibility to exist over time between two individuals who share a common history. Individuals tend to want relationships with people they like and who like them in return. Individuals want to have trust in between the relationship (Beebe, S.A. 2014). During the friendships, people are going to go through good and bad times. It is going to depend on the individuals whether they stick through the horrible times. Individuals want to be with those people. People tend to take time out of their day to spend time with their friends (Beebe, S.A 2014). Friendships have different values and qualities that make them last. Some of them include: self-disclosure, openness, similarity, acceptance, respect, concern empathy, helping with stress, providing help where it is needed, and help shaping our attitudes and beliefs. The common principles of friendships are that people usually form friendships with people like…

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