How Friendship Is A Important Element Of Our Social Life Essay

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No human being on earth can live alone, by himself forever. God created Adam first, then He created Eve, so both of them (Adam and Eve) accompany each other in the paradise. So even in paradise, no one can live alone. During childhood years, our parents have always encouraged us to try to make friends and to be good to them. At school, at the park, or even on the beach for just one day, our parents have always taught us how to make new friends, to share, and to be nice to them. Friendship is a very important element of our social life. As everything else, friendship showed changes over the years. The parameters on which we tend to choose our friends have also changed over the years. The friend, whose company you enjoyed when you were a little kid is totally different from the friend you had at the college, and also is different from the person you consider as a friend when you are a parent. William Deresiewicz emphasizes in his article “Faux Friendship” how friendship changed its face over the centuries and the decades. Deresiewicz focuses in his article on how the introduction of the internet and afterwards the social media networks influenced how we generally deal with the term friendship. The question is, whether the internet was the only responsible factor that affected our social life? Or, were there other factors that influenced how we interact and how we show our need for each other?
Friendship is an important part of our lives. Everyone needs someone to communicate…

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