How Free Is The Will Of The Individual Within Society? Essay

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"How Free is the Will of the Individual Within Society?"
A question someone would ask may be, "How free is the will of the individual within society?" Does society force individuals to do certain things and deal with certain people or does the individual have a say in what they do and who they encounter? Going further, free will is the ability to do something without being forced upon on doing so. Free will is by far a very beneficial aspect since if allows you to determine the outcome of an event or situation. Of course you would have to make decisions on your own, but you would not be forced to anything; you would overall make smart choice to better yourself and even others around you.
The essay, Shooting an Elephant, by George Orwell vividly allows one to analyze the question, "How free is the will of the individual within society?" Orwell presents the issue of whether or not a police officer should shoot an elephant. Various reasons go along with this, allowing one to determine whether the shooter is “free” or if he is being forced to do what he does not prefer to do. Starting off, a British police officer, who was not liked by many, was put in a terrible situation. He did his job properly by arresting or ticketing whoever deserved it, so for that reason, many people disliked him (Orwell 722). He claimed “...I was stuck between my hatred of the empire I served and my rage against the evil-spirited little beast who tried to make my job impossible” (Orwell 722). With…

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