How Free Can An Individual Be? Does Freedom Even Have A True Meaning?

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How free can an individual be? Does freedom even have a true meaning? We as individuals want to create a bold, vibrant life through wise choices and principled commitments. However, there is still the idea that much of our freedom is restricted by forces outside of our control. Everyday we are confronted with choices some good and some bad, however, there is a question that comes into play way one of the choices is acted upon. Do we as individuals pick that choice or is that choice natural selected for us? There are four types of views and beliefs such as determinism, compatibilism, Indeterminism and libertarianism. All have a view of free will, but what belief really allows for free choices and thoughts?
Determinists believe that every behavior can be traced to a cause, although they may disagree about what those causes are. Determinism is the most extreme form, it is the view that every action, including human action that is brought about by previous events are in accordance of the universal causal laws that govern the world (Chaffee 159). There are many things that come into play that exemplify the determinist view such as human nature, the environment, psychological forces, and social dynamics. The role human nature brings to the table is the fact that it is genetically hardwired into every person. There is thought to be no possibility for a free choice because the actions taken by an individual are thought to be predetermined and they are inborn into our nature as a…

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