How Foster Care System Protect Children And Guarantee Their Well Being

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Foster care system exist to protect children and guarantee their well-being, both physically and mentally. It is a service that assists children who have experienced neglect or abuse by their biological parents or families. These children might be placed in the care of other family members, people they are not related to, in orphanages and with foster parents that have arranged to adopt them. numbers of factors affecting the number of children who got to foster care, but according to (Csaky, pg.30, 2009), it showed a sharp increase from the 1960s to the early 2000s. An increase in poverty levels has increased the likelihood of families not being able to pay their dues such as rent resulting to their homelessness. Child services, therefore, ensure that every child not only has a conducive environment to grow in, but a guardian who can support them financially. Additionally, Although the US has become richer, poverty levels have also gone up over the years, leading to child labor and abuse, neglect by parents, increase in crime and drug abuse. These situations are not favorable for child growth and development and therefore results to the affected children being put into foster care sometimes even without the consent of their biological parents.
According to (Hacsi, pg.74, 1995), throughout American history, many children who were from a poor background were always taken care of by other families. The household was the immediate source of power, which meant that…

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