How Foreign Policy Makers Fail Essay

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How foreign policy makers answer the above question will be crucial in how the future looks. In today’s uneasy and conflicted culture there are many issues that have been raised in the twenty first century. Some of these challenges includes the war on terror, security issues, and problems with international relations are three challenges that the United States face in this day and age. An organizing principle is beneficial to the world’s leaders and the people because it gives them a clear vision and will help keep the main goals on track. It also sends a powerful message to other countries and their leaders. In these uncertain times, it is best to adopt a doctrine that will help the growing world for the future. This big question is if the United States should exercise its hegemonic power, or withdraw and stay isolated. To answer this is complicated, but the US should assert their power in the world for the common good. President Obama thus far has adopted a pragmatic progressive approach to Foreign Policy as stated in Bending History. In the Indyk, Lieberthal, and O 'Hanlon, Michael article “Scoring Obama 's Foreign Policy”, they examine President Obama’s foreign policy up to 2012. Observing the President’s philosophy they come to the conclusion, “Obama is neither an out-of-his-depth naïf nor a reactive realist. He has been trying to shape a new liberal global order with the United States still in the lead but sharing more responsibilities and burdens with others where…

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